Frequently Asked Questions

What type of ‘cake’ do you bake for custom orders?

At Jazzy Cakes all our cakes are made from scratch, fresh to order. All recipes have been developed by Head baker Elizabeth Larsen and are known traditionally as “butter cakes”. This means that they’re made with butter or oil to create a denser & more moist cake than the usual sponge cakes.

What is a buttercream cake?

Buttercream (also known as decorators frosting) is a type of frosting made from Butter, sugar, cream & flavorings. It can be used to achieve almost any designs.

Do you make fondant/ novelty cakes?

No. I do not use fondant on my cakes, except for the occasional small decoration. All my cakes and design are made solely from buttercream.

Can cakes be displayed outside?

No. If your event is outdoors please ensure you have adequate facilities to store your cake until the time of serving. Cakes should be brought out only at the time of servings or shortly before. The cake should be stored in Air conditioning set to 72F or lower or in a refrigerator.

I need to cancel or reschedule my cake order.

If you have already paid for your cake order, please insure any cancellation notices are sent 5 days prior to the delivery date. A 50% refund will be given for cancellations made within 48hrs of the delivery date, after which time a refund cannot be given as preparations will have begun & any necessary items will have already been acquired for your order.

Can I change elements of my order?

Yes. If you need to make any design or flavor changes to your cake order please ensure your request is made 5 days prior to your delivery date. Please note that this may increase your overall cake costs.

Do you deliver to restaurants/ venues?

Yes. Arrangements can be made prior to your delivery for cakes to be delivered & received by restaurant staff & held in the back until you are ready.

How long can cakes be stored/ kept before eating?

At Jazzy Cakes all cakes are made fresh to order. Once delivered, cakes can be refrigerated in their original packaging for 1-2 days before serving. Extra Cake slices can be refrigerated and enjoyed for 3-4 days after cutting.

Can I transport my cake to another location?

Yes. Before attempting to transport your cake please read the “cake care” disclaimer & transportation tips. If you wish to avoid this task please be let me know of your cake’s final destination during the inquiry phase & arrange for it to be delivered directly there.

What is inside a cake pop/ cakesicle / cake bomb?

These luxe treats are all filled with ‘Cake dough’ which is essentially a mixture of crumbled cake (that has been baked) & buttercream.

Do you offer allergy/ dietary friendly cakes?

No, at this time I do not offer any gluten/ dairy/egg-free options. I cannot guarantee that my products are free from ingredients that may affect those with serious food allergies. Many of my cakes incorporate nut products and therefore I do not operate out of a nut-free kitchen. If you have a serious food allergy please include this in your initial inquiry. Thank you!

Do you use inedible items on cakes?

Yes. The majority of my designer cakes may incorporate small inedible decorations. These can include flowers, toys, charms, jewelry, cigars/liquor bottles, and much more! It is the responsibility of the client to remove these items before consuming them.

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